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Dating the New Testament

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Dating the New Testament, based on the opinions of several hundred New Testament scholars.

In a court of law the testimony of one expert is considered evidence, however it is frequently offset by another expert with a differing opinion. The same thing happens in the academic community as to when the New and Old Testament books were written. However, in the court of public opinion the testimony of several hundred New and Old Testament scholars is strong evidence and far outweighs the opinions of radical scholars, skeptics and nonbelievers. We have provided the opinions of several hundred conservative and liberal scholars in the links below to establish the weight of scholarly evidence against all such radical views as to when the books of the Bible were penned. In the near future we will be adding both internal and external evidence as to when the 27 New Testament books were written.  Grace and peace, Gary Butner, Th.D. and R.A. Sickler, Ph.D.

Note,  instead of a single date for each book, we are now focusing on an average range of dates for each book. The average date is still shown.

The Chronological Order of the New Testament Books Based on the Opinions of Several Hundred New Testament Scholars 
This is a timeline summary of the dates listed by scholars in the pages linked  below.

Scholars' names and their dates for each book are listed in the links below. 

    When was the Gospel of Matthew written? 

    When was the Gospel of Mark written?  

When was the Gospel of Luke written?  

    When was the Gospel of John written?  

    When was the Book of Acts written? 
  (Includes a listing of reasons for an early date.)

    When was Paul's letter to the Romans written?  

    When did Paul write 1 Corinthians?    When did Paul write 2 Corinthians? 

    When did Paul write his letter to the Galatians? 

    When did Paul write his letter to the Ephesians?  

    When did Paul write his letter to the Philippians? 

    When did Paul write his letter to the Colossians? 

    When did Paul write 1 Thessalonians?    When did Paul write 2 Thessalonians?

    When did Paul write 1 Timothy?    When did Paul write 2 Timothy?

    When did Paul write Titus? 

    When was Paul's letter to Philemon?  

    When was the letter to the Hebrews written?

    When was James' letter written?   When was James(Modified) letter written? 

    When was 1 Peter written?   When was 2 Peter written? 

    When was 1 John written?  When was 2 John written?  When was 3 John written?  

    When was Jude written?  

    When was Revelation written?  

    The most important article on the Internet regarding this subject is The Dating of the New Testament by Dr. Norman Geisler. Off-site link.

    Greek Qumran Fragment 7Q5: Possibilities and Impossibilities - by Carsten Theide, One little fragment found in Qumran may be a fragment of the Gospel of Mark. If it is...well, most of the field of New Testament studies as we know it will be turned on its head.

Dating New Testament Events - A timeline of the New Testament historical events


Dating the Books of the Old Testament

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