Did Mark Know the Geography of Palestine?
Two Maps of Palestine Show Mark was Correct

Map 1, Trade Routes During the Time of Christ

In the map below we see both the major and smaller trade routes during the time of Christ. Please note, no trade routes are shown between Tyre in Phoenicia and Hazor in Galilee, because there is a mountain between the two cities, which we will see in the other map. However, a trade route is clearly shown between Sidon and Hazor. Jesus was in the Tyre-Sidon Region when he decided to go to Decapolis, which was on the eastern and southern shores of the Sea of Galilee.  From Sidon Jesus would have walked down through the Bekka Valley and swung to the East of Hazor to reach Decapolis on the Eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. The large mountain between Tyre and Hazor will be clearly visible in the next map.



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Old and New Testaments.—electronic ed.—Nashville
Thomas Nelson, 1997, c1996.
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Map 2, 3D Topographical Map of Palestine and Phoenicia

Note carefully, the map below has been re-oriented to provide you with the best view of the two important details. First, in the map below you can clearly see the mountain to the left of Tyre and the Sea of Galilee on the other side of the mountain. Second, look slightly up and to the left of Sidon and you will see the pass from Sidon to Galilee between the mountains. 



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